At the moment, I provide the following services

I received my certificate in 2018. I was able to apply this in the job I was doing at the time by making the company compliant with GDPR.
Preparing files and following up from start to finish has always been a recurring task in my career. I used company specific software for this.
With my experience in a collection agency and with a judicial officer, I acquired the skills to follow up your unpaid invoices and am able to negotiate a payment plan with the debtor. If necessary, I can take the required steps with lawyers and follow up with them.
Word, Excel and Outlook have no secrets for me, but a nice PowerPoint is also a possibility.
I review your administrative processes with you, get to know them and make suggestions on how they can be improved.

I have basic knowledge of Briljant, Winbooks and AdsolutMasterKB. If you use another type of program, I’m happy to get to know it. I can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Data Input/Data Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Matching
If you provide me with the necessary content, I can manage your social media accounts and make sure the messages appear at the requested time.